Lucy Garrett- Budd, Project Manager

My role became increasingly busy and my responsibilities increased whilst operating in high pressure, high volume scenarios often with set deadlines. Jane took on PA responsibilities for myself and other members of the team and Jane showed a great aptitude and multi-tasking capability.

Jane is proactive and efficient, organised and extremely competent. She is task focused but also takes the time to get to know those for whom she is working so that she can put herself in their persona, bringing traits of their individualism to her work.

Jane makes sue she queries anything she does not understand (rather than assume she does and failing to deliver well) and her excellent communication skills mean she can connect with all kinds of people, with ease.

In summary, I highly recommend Jane.

Annie Harrington, Head Of Global Regional Differences

Jane is an excellent admin who helped me out greatly, the amount of time she saved me quite simply made me more productive and I can’t recommend her highly enough. Jane’s responsibilities included calendar management, including the creation and updating of events in my ever moving schedule, expense submissions and travel bookings. Not having to worry about hotels, flights, submitting expenses in a timely manner, ensuring meetings are booked at a time available to all attendees and taking into account multiple timezones allowed me to deliver what I was actually supposed to deliver, the role that Jane undertakes can’t be underestimated.

Keith Schofield

Jane Horgan has provided excellent support in all areas. She has diligently managed my diary, expenses, meeting arrangements and travel plans and has also provided support in other areas including invoice processing and tracking contracts for temporary staff. Jane has demonstrated an ability to be proactive, seeking out the best deals for travel whilst offering options for consideration and tackling challenges for meeting arrangements before they become an issue. Jane’s emotional intelligence should not be overlooked, she can be trusted to handle sensitive situations and confidential matters. She is a true asset and will contribute positively to any organisation.

Ian Moody, Country Service Manager

Jane is extremely professional and efficient and can put her hand to an extreme range of activities, always with very encouraging results. She is extremely reliable, has great initiative and is a real pleasure to work with.